Why Mixtapes? 🎙📡🔊🌏

Mixtapes gain thousands of downloads worldwide daily and is another way to get your content in front of your soon to be audience. Mixtapes began with DJ's and it turned into a major success for them causing musical artist to follow suite. Usually leading to tours and other major business for the musical artist some artist are releasing a few Mixtapes a month. Now its time for Motivational speakers and entrepreneurs to follow suite!

Every piece of content has viral potential. Whether it is a 10 second sound bite or a 5 minute video uploaded to Facebook. We are living in the age of technology where people are starring at there phones most of the day. Mixtapes are another way to get your content out to the world. Lets get to it! 

Why a  Mixtape would be perfect for you? 

  • Worldwide availability: Your song will be made available to people from around the world, thereby increasing your outreach. iTunes, Spotify, etc.
  • Custom Instrumental music: Custom instrumental music around your content that blends with the message being portrayed.

Inspire millions by turning your audio content into captivating songs

People generally, don't like receiving information through plain black texts, we love receiving it in a more engaging and interesting way. Just as most people prefer watching YouTube videos to reading blog posts. Mixtapes have provided a unique way to get your message heard by people by converting your speeches into engaging songs.

Ask about samples!