Albums & Mixtapes  📡🔊🌏

Last year in 2016 the music industry accounted for 15 billion dollars. Digital revenue accounted for 50% of that. Only a select few speakers have any form of sellable digital content;

Even fewer of them have album or mixtape material.Albums, mixtapes and singles are being sold and streamed more than ever. Musicians are releasing new music at a rapid rate and going on world tours because of it. Motivational speakers have a very similar business model; however they release no music! Without music they are not maximizing on their earning potential or brand recognition. 

Every piece of content has viral potential. Whether it is a 10 second sound bite or a 3 minute song on iTunes. We are living in the age of technology where people are starring at there phones most of the day. Mixtapes are the best way to get your content out to the world. Lets get to it! 

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