Speaking Gigs

Based off the 7 day twitter poll above; from the @speechmixtapes twitter page it looks like us Motivators could use some more speaking gigs. We live in the age of the internet where anything is possible with a good wifi connection so this post will be dedicated to manifesting some more speaking engagements. 

Motivational speaking is a billion dollar industry and it is not going anywhere. Professional speakers are some of the highest paid people in the world. Beginning speakers could earn up to $2,500 per talk and some of the most advanced speakers are earning up to $250,000 for  speeches. 

Its safe to say that many opportunities are out here for us to spread our voice to the masses. First we have to let the world know that we exist. The internet is noisy making it hard to get the attention of an event or conference planner that can book us.

They search the web for speakers the same way that some people look up the weather every morning before starting their day. Some organizations and companies are literally booking Motivational Speakers by the week. What are the odds that they will run into your content?

Its all about having a searchable online presence. Planting the seeds that will harvest at the right time. We also have to find creative ways to distribute and promote our content. That could mean crafting up a pitch and cold calling or visiting every organization, local club, or school that you could think of.

We could also create downloadable sound recordings for distribution to media outlets and organizations. I could help with that!