Book vs. Mixtape

The majority of speakers are either writing or promoting a book they recently published. The book is used as leverage to land more speaking gigs and show expertise within their speaking topic. Usually, books take about a year to write and get published.

Books are great but they do not go hand in hand with success in the speaking industry. Mixtapes give speakers the opportunity to create and distribute content at a much faster rate; rather than writing and distributing books. If you take a look at the music industry some artist are releasing new mixtapes every month. In which they are leading to more tours, brand recognition, increased merchandise sales, etc.   

Motivational speakers go on tours the same way that musicians do. However, motivational speakers are not distributing content at the rate of musicians. Therefore, they are not maximizing the full potential of their brand.

Times are changing because content is at a high demand! Your potential audience will go wherever the web leads them. When they find out about you how will they remember you? Will they see that you have a book coming out next month and forget about it in ten minutes? Or will they see your new mixtape and download it when they workout or need motivation? 

You pay twice as much to have a book published vs. creating a mixtape. It also takes more than double the time to have your finished product. How many people are listening to music vs. reading books in 2017?